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Hi Julie, Jim just wants you to know that my helper stood-me-up for this afternoon , so I checked in myself and found I could get to your Music Studio.

Jim (Basic Math lessons with Julie L.)

Julie Lopez is Best of the best!

Julie (Basic Math lessons with Julie L.)

She is kind and patient.

Samantha (Basic Math lessons with Julie L.)

Excellent tutor who knows the material and how to teach it so you can understand it!

Talia (Basic Math lessons with Natalie)

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Math Lessons

Did you know the study of math dates back to the earliest civilization in Mesopotamia? Of course, this study of numbers, patterns, and shapes has continued to evolve over the years and has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your math skills or take your math knowledge to the next level, then it’s time to turn to the best online math lessons and in-person sessions around! Here at TakeLessons, our certified math teachers are committed to helping you achieve all your academic goals. Sign up with us today to find the ideal math lesson for you.

Certified Math Teachers

If you’re having a hard time in your math class, you don’t have to suffer alone. We work with the best math teachers who are here to help you make sense of even the most challenging math concepts. Our teachers are all certified and background checked, so you can expect nothing but the best instruction from them.

To find a teacher that aligns with your preferences, browse each teacher’s profile. You’ll see information regarding their qualifications, location, schedule, and rates. The average cost of a 60-minute basic math lesson is $62, but classes typically range between $15 and $155 per hour, depending on the teacher, location, and lesson type. With so many teachers to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits you and your budget.

Once you’ve decided on your teacher and schedule, simply choose your preferred package and you’ll be all set to begin your math studies.

Math Online Lessons for All Ages

Is your child struggling to keep up in math class? Or are they bored and looking for a challenge? Whatever the case, our math lessons for kids can help! Our teachers are skilled at instructing children of all ages on math subjects.

Do you need a little refresher? Or want some extra help in your college-level math course? We also offer math lessons for adults that are geared toward more mature learners.

Here at TakeLessons, we invite children and adults of any age to embark on their math journey with us. Sign up today!

Math Lessons for All Levels

Math is a subject that we all begin to learn early on in our education. We start with the basics, like addition and subtraction, and slowly work our way to more challenging concepts like ratios, probability, and derivatives.

No matter where you are in your math studies, our teachers have the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your highest potential. At TakeLessons, we offer math lessons for beginners, intermediate students, and advanced learners, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to improve their math skills. Whether you need help with long division or differential equations, you’ll find the ideal class right here.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Math Lessons

Math lessons for beginners will start with the basics that will create a strong foundation for learning math. These lessons may cater to younger students who are just learning to count, subject, add, and multiply.

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Math Lessons

Intermediate lessons will take those lessons learned in basic math and begin adding more challenging concepts. This level of math might include lessons on algebra and geometry.

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Math Lessons

Advanced math courses are reserved for those who are studying more complex math, such as probability and statistics or calculus. These lessons may involve high school or college-level material.

Sign up Today

Looking to expand your math skills? We’re here to help! Sign up for our in-person or online math lessons today to get paired up with one of our certified teachers. Once you’ve selected your teacher and schedule, pick your package and take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


How do you teach a math lesson?

Here at TakeLessons, our math teachers begin their lessons by inquiring about their student’s current skill level, goals, interests, and preferred learning style. Knowing this information helps our teachers build a customized lesson plan that caters to each student’s unique preferences. During every lesson, our teachers give their students their undivided attention, ensuring they’re answering questions and instructing at a comfortable speed.

What are the four types of math?

The four branches of mathematics include algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics and probability. What area of math you focus on during your private math lessons is entirely up to you. Your teacher is equipped to help you excel at whatever math subject or topics most interest you. Whether you want to ace your next calc exam or solve a certain series of geometry equations, our teachers are committed to helping you achieve your math-related goals.

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