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Arabic Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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Marie has a unique way of teaching. She makes my daughter have fun while learning arabic. She is an excellent teacher and my daughter always looks forward to her lesson. I highly recommend her!

Yesenia Garcia (Arabic lessons with Marie Ange K.)

Marie is patient, thorough and at the same time holds high standards for her students. It is difficult to keep a younger child engaged, yet she does it with ease.

Mariam (Arabic lessons with Marie Ange K.)

I setup a pack of Arabic lessons for my son. He was a bit nervous heading into them, however, was very very encouraged after the lesson. He thought Marie was great. He felt like he learned much more t

Owen (Arabic lessons with Marie Ange K.)

I have been taking Arabic lessons with Marie for several months, now. The passion and dedication with which she approaches every class is amazing. She is always well prepared, patient, and keeps the

Verica (Arabic lessons with Marie Ange K.)

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Arabic Lessons

More than 400 million speak Arabic, with the language being the dominant tongue in more than 20 countries of the Middle East and northern Africa. The combination of unique sounds and different grammar structures is part of what makes learning Arabic so fun.

And from airlines to finance, the oil industry to working in the federal government, there are career opportunities for people versed and fluent in the language and culture.

So whether you’re looking to learn Arabic to travel the globe or for opportunities at work, our online courses are individually created to help all our students learn, grow, and master Arabic.

Certified Arabic Lessons Teachers

At TakeLessons, we create a class curriculum that caters to each student’s objectives and believes that the best way to achieve those goals is through superior instruction. To provide the best Arabic lessons teachers, we screen them all before recognizing them as certified experts in their field.

To select the best certified Arabic teachers to meet your goals, simply browse through our catalog of instructors, read over their past student reviews and find the one that matches your needs. Next, select the type of class, either in person or remote, choose a price, and that’s it. Connect with your tutor to schedule your classes, and you’re ready to begin!

If you’re still unsure but are curious, most of our Arabic classes cost around $56 for an hour class, but we also offer 30-minute and 45-minute options.

Online Arabic Lessons for All Ages

If you think it’s too early to start your Arabic lessons for your kids or that you’re possibly too old to learn a new language, think again! In fact, our customizable lessons are all designed to help each and every student learn at their own pace and in their own way.

In fact, our Arabic lessons for kids are perfect for introducing your kids to Arabic. Did you know that language learning and acquisition are easier to master the younger we are? And though you may be an older student, our unique class design will be crafted to help you learn and master the language faster than traditional teaching methods.

Arabic Lessons for All Levels

Regardless of your experience and knowledge of the language, our Arabic lessons are all individually created for each student, making no two classes the same. So whether you’re fluent in Arabic or learning a language for the first time, we’ve got a teacher and class for you.

That curated curriculum means that Arabic lessons for beginners will focus on different fundamentals than a class designed for native speakers looking to grow in their understanding and comprehension.

Once you’re ready to get started, we make it simple to sign up. Just find your teacher, agree to a price, talk about your interests, and get started!

Arabic Lessons Curriculum

Whether you’re looking to learn a language for the first time or want to build on what you already know and strengthen your conversational skills, TakeLessons has the best online Arabic lessons for you to achieve those goals.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Arabic Lessons

For first-time learners, online Arabic lessons for beginners would be the place to start.

A sample curriculum for beginner Arabic lessons would include teaching the basics such as:

  • The Arabic alphabet
  • Basic vocabulary, greetings, and pronunciation
  • How to form a question and answer statement
  • How to read the Arabic language

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Arabic Lessons

For people familiar with the basics of Arabic, grammar, and conversation, the intermediate level courses are the best places to continue your education.

A sample of the types of things an intermediate level class may include:

  • Immersive conversation, history and cultural introductions
  • Subjective, imperfect, and perfect verb tenses
  • Reading, writing, and listening comprehension
  • Complex grammar

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Arabic Lessons

People who understand how to read, write, and speak in Arabic are learning to advance their understanding at an advanced stage. The curriculum will be created to meet each student’s specific goals and interests.

A sample curriculum for the advanced level classes may include topics such as:

  • Understanding and comprehending complex texts
  • Translation from English to Arabic and vice-versa
  • Learning customs and idiomatic sayings
  • Differentiating and identifying various dialects

Sign up Today

If you’ve ever been interested in learning Arabic and are unsure where to begin, at TakeLessons, we make language learning easy.

So whether you need to learn Arabic for work or personal enrichment, we understand the last thing you want is a complicated, lengthy process. That’s why we make signing up simple and hassle-free. Just select your teacher, choose a price and class type, discuss your needs and get learning.

Better yet, we guarantee all our courses, or we’ll refund the remaining balance on your account. It’s our 100% guarantee.

Don’t hesitate to get started today!


What is the easiest way to learn Arabic?

As with learning any language, total immersion is the best idea. Immersion is the process of learning a language without the aid of your native tongue. In other words, it’s being somewhere where only Arabic is spoken. If that’s not an option, taking courses from certified experts will help you learn any language faster than trying to learn independently.

Is Arabic easy to learn?

No, Arabic is the second hardest language for English speakers to understand outside of Mandarin Chinese. Its 28-letter alphabet translates easier than in other languages, but learning an entirely new alphabet and way to read and write is a significant challenge. Ideally, a person would immerse themselves in Arabic, but if not, it’s highly recommended to learn from individual tutors that can help guide you through learning the language.

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